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The brutality of the Iranian army came to the fore, the celebrity chef involved in the protest against the hijab was beaten to death

Tehran: Hijab-related protests are still going on in Iran. Now a celebrity who entered this demonstration has been beaten to death. Celebrity chef Mahshad Shahidi, better known as Iran’s Jamie Oliver, was allegedly lynched by Revolutionary Guard forces. Mahshad Shahidi died just a day before his 20th birthday. His brutal murder caused a wave of mourning in Iran. Thousands took to the streets during his funeral on Saturday.

The 19-year-old chef was arrested during a protest in the city of Arak, reports The Telegraph. Here, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard had beaten him to death in custody. He was hit on the head with sticks until he died. At the same time, Shahidi’s family said that pressure is being put on him to tell the cause of death to be a heart attack. Iranian authorities, on the other hand, have denied responsibility for the chef’s death.
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People are protesting on social media
Iran’s Chief Justice Abdolmehdi Mousavi even said that the chef had no signs of fractures or injuries to his arms, legs or skull, 7News reported. Many users on social media blamed Iranian authorities for his death. Iranian American writer Dr. Nina Ansari wrote, ‘He was an influential chef at Bute restaurant. He was brutally beaten up by the security forces in Iran. Tomorrow would have been his 20th birthday. We’ll never forget. We will never forgive’
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Hundreds of people died in the demonstration
In Iran, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was killed by a morality police beating. He was killed for wearing the hijab incorrectly. Demonstrations are being seen in Iran since this incident. Since then hundreds of people have died. Iran is seeing this demonstration as a conspiracy by America. Demonstrations have been seen around the world against Iran.



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