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The craze of ‘Sanki Sultan’! When 653 bullets went missing, dictator Kim imposed a lockdown in the entire city, if not found…


Dictator Kim Jong Un has imposed a lockdown in a city.
During a military retreat, 653 bullets went missing.
To find this, this lockdown has been imposed in the city.

Pyongyang. Kim Jong Un, the dictatorial leader of North Korea, remains in the headlines due to his antics. Once again he has given a strange order. He has reportedly put a lockdown in Hesan, a North Korean city with a population of over 2 lakh people. This lockdown (North Korea Lockdown) has not been imposed due to any disease or corona. In fact, some time ago during a military retreat, 653 bullets went missing. To find this, the Kim government took this decision.

According to the report of Radio Free Asia, Kim Jong Un has asked the authorities to conduct a search operation throughout the city for bullets. It has been said in the report that the lockdown will remain till all 653 bullets are found in the city. The report further claimed that the bullets had gone missing on March 7. After this, when the soldiers realized that the bullets had disappeared, instead of reporting it, they tried to find it themselves.

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However, when the soldiers realized that they were not getting the bullets themselves, they informed the authorities. After this the city was closed. At present, along with the army, police officers are also busy to find the bullets. The report further states, ‘Last week the province issued orders to factory workers, farm workers, social groups and neighborhood watch units to actively cooperate with the investigation related to the finding of the bullets. They went.’

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It has been said in the report that the officers were lying to spread panic among the people. The report said, ‘The officials tried to put pressure on the people by pretending that it was a maneuver related to the protection of Kim Jong Un from reactionary forces.’ Even before this, dictator Kim has issued strange decrees in the country. For example, no other girl in the country can name herself after her daughter.

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