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The devastating storm Nanmadol is coming to Japan, the winds at 270 kmph will end everything!

TokyoIn Japan, about two million people have been asked to move elsewhere. The reason for this is that the devastating storm Nanmadol is moving towards the country and due to this an extraordinary ‘special warning’ has been issued by the Meteorological Department. Japan’s news agency NHK has said that this powerful storm could hit at any time on Sunday. NHK said a four-stage rescue directive has been issued on Saturday.

most powerful storm
This storm is being described as the second most powerful storm. This has put people living in Kagoshima, Kumamoto and Miyazaki in the southern Kyushu region at risk. A warning was issued by the Japan Meteorological Department for people living in the Kogoshima area. This warning came when the Meteorological Department issued such an alert after decades.

This is the first hurricane outside the Okinawa region for which a special warning has been issued. Since 2013, such a situation has been seen outside this Okinawa. On Saturday evening, Hurricane Nanmadol was categorized as ‘Violent’ by the Meteorological Department. Because of this, winds are blowing at a speed of 270 km per hour. The storm is moving northeast toward Daito Island, which is 200 kilometers away.Had I learned these things from India, Pakistan would not have drowned in the water, understand the reason for the plight
Meteorological department told dangerous
Heavy rain is expected in Kagoshima due to the storm on Sunday. After this, the storm will move north and then move towards the main island of Japan. Ryuta Kurora, the head of Japan’s meteorological department, said there was a risk of “extraordinarily small” storms, which would lead to high seas and heavy rain. He has appealed to the people living in the area to leave at the earliest. Also said that there is a need to be more and more alert. In his words, ‘This is a very dangerous storm. Because of this the winds will be so strong that some houses can be destroyed.

appeal to people to leave the house
People have been asked to take shelter or any alternative way to live. They have been told to go to a place that can withstand the worst of the weather. However it has not been made mandatory. In the past too, the authorities had struggled to convince residents to leave their homes in case the weather turned extremely bad. This time Kurora has asked residents to take shelter in such buildings which can withstand the worst of the weather.
20 storms come every year
Hurricane season is currently underway in Japan. About 20 hurricanes occur in the country every year. Because of these, landslides and floods due to heavy rains have become a common phenomenon. In the year 2019, Typhoon Hagibis hit Japan. That year Jaapal was organizing the Rugby World Cup. That storm killed 100 people.

Apart from this, more than 200 people died in floods and landslides in 2018. Many flights have been canceled even before the arrival of Hurricane Nanmadol. Scientists have said that the risk of cyclones has increased due to climate change. Due to this, extremely difficult weather conditions are being created such as heatwaves, droughts and floods, people are facing these conditions again and again.



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