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The girl told that the boy was a good friend, then the boy got depression, Singapore’s ‘Diljale Aashiq’, angry with Friendzone, filed a case of 24 crores

Singapore: Friendzone, you must have often heard this word jokingly. But for this reason in Singapore, a man has sued his female friend for three million dollars. This amount in Indian currency is Rs 24 crore. This person says that due to the attitude of that girl, he got depressed and his mental peace has been damaged. According to this man, his reputation has been hurt because of this. From the year 2020, the problem started between these two. At that time the boy came to know that the girl only considers him as her close friend.

why the case was done
The man’s name is K Kawashigan and he threatened legal action against Nora Tan 18 months ago. According to a report published in Malaysian newspaper Strait Times, at that time Nora had told Kawashigan that she could not be romantic with him. After this, the case took a different turn when Nora decided that she would counsel him. But in May last year, Tan cut off all contact with Kawashigan. Then Kawashigan decided that he would sue Nora.

girl due to mental trauma
Apart from three million dollars, Kawashigan has also filed a case of 22 thousand dollars in the magistrate’s court. Kawashigan says that whatever Nora has done is a violation of the agreement under which it was said to improve their relationship. In the $3 million case, Kawashigan alleges that certain comments, and Nora’s neglect, have resulted in the loss of his earning potential. Also he lost the business partnership. According to Kawashigan, he had to spend a lot on his rehabilitation and therapy program to come out of trauma after so much loss.

Magistrate Court rejected the petition
The $22,000 case ended when the judge dismissed Kawashigan’s claim as baseless. The court also said that Kawashigan was misusing the court. Judge Ka defends Nora, saying she has stood firm in the face of threats posed by Kawashigan. The court said the case was “completely baseless and baseless” and that there was a “systematic attempt to coerce Tan into an engagement”. The matter will be heard on February 9.

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