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The groom ran away from his own wedding for Imran Khan’s rally, the bride sitting in wait said – this groom stolen march!

Islamabad : Often people have a passion for their leader. This is a simple matter but a person from Pakistan has gone a step ahead in this matter. The man ran away from his own marriage to attend a political rally. The bride dressed in a wedding dress was shocked when she came to know that her groom had gone to attend a rally instead of the wedding. The name of this bride from Pakistan is Sidra Nadeem who told a YouTuber that she was going to marry a man named Ijaz. The special thing is that both of them were getting love marriage.

According to media reports, the groom ran away from his wedding to attend the rally of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. Sidra said that Ijaz went to join Imran’s long march, from Lahore to Islamabad, which is being called the ‘Azadi March’. Instead of their marriage, Ijaz chose Imran’s ‘Azadi March’, due to which Sidra called it ‘Dulha Chori March’ and said that she would wait for Ijaz in the wedding couple.

The situation in the country is like ‘East Pakistan’, while addressing the hospital, Imran compared himself to Sheikh Mujeeb of Bangladesh!
Woman seeks help from Imran
The woman claimed that she had suffered a lot due to the groom’s sudden escape from the wedding as the catering, venue and other things had been booked and money had been paid. Sidra appeals to Imran Khan to send her future husband back so that both can get married. Despite all this, Sidra, a supporter of Imran, believes that Ijaz is a true supporter of Pakistan and Imran Khan.

Bride is also a supporter of Imran Khan
Sidra said that in future she will also attend rallies with Ijaz. PTI Chairman Imran Khan is currently taking out a long march against Shahbaz Sarkar, who is going from Lahore to Islamabad. He is demanding the coalition government to announce the election dates. During the march in Wazirabad on Thursday, Imran was attacked in which he was shot in the leg. PTI workers are protesting across the country against the attack on their leader.



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