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The havoc of Russia’s captivity, Ukrainian soldier seen in bone structure

Russia-Ukraine War: Whatever happens in war, its consequences are horrifying. In the Russia-Ukraine War, the armies of both the countries are engaged in defeating each other, but in the meantime humanity seems to be losing. A similar picture is going viral on social media. This picture is of a Ukrainian soldier. This soldier has returned from the captivity of Russia. Both these pictures of this soldier before going into captivity and after being released are becoming viral. The name of this soldier is Mikhailo Dianov.

Ukrainian soldier weak and sick from the brilliant soldier

The pictures of Ukrainian soldier Mikhailo Dyanov floating in social media are enough to show how handsome he was before Russian captivity. It is also becoming difficult to identify this soldier after being released. Mikhailo appears to have changed in bone structure from a mighty Gabru young man. If there are wounds on the body, then the brightness of the eyes is not the same as before.

Detained in Mariupol

During the Russo-Ukraine War, Mikhailo Dyanov was captured by the Russian army from the south-eastern city of Mariupol in Ukraine. He was caught while guarding the Azovstal Steel Works. Mikhailo Dyanov was detained and released on Wednesday night after fighting to protect the Azovstal steel works in Mariupol, reports the Telegraph. Mikhailo Dyanov faced four months of severe torture in the infamous Russian prison camps.

Huge difference between May and now photo

In pictures of this Ukrainian soldier shared on social media, he can be seen as a weak and frail Mikhailo Dyanov. The new pictures of Mikhailo Dyanov are intimidating. In this picture injury marks can be seen on his hands and face. Media reports said that Mikhailo Dyanov was taken to the Kyiv Military Hospital, where his condition remains critical.

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