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The ninja missile that killed Zawahiri is 50 years old, only kills terrorists

Hellfire R9X : The Ninja Missile (R9X) that killed al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri is almost 50 years old. This missile is part of a new generation of dangerous old weapons. With this, the enemy is eliminated with accurate aim.

Apart from the target, this missile does not cause any harm to the people around. This information has been given by Peter Lee, Professor of Applied Ethics and Director of Security and Risk Research at the University of Portsmouth, England. He has given various information about this missile. Along with this, there has also been a discussion about the changing warfare technology and future.

Questions raised on the Doha peace agreement

He said the killing of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has deepened mistrust between US leaders and the Taliban government in Afghanistan. This incident is also raising questions about the Doha peace agreement between the US and the Taliban in 2020. At the same time, the effect of the use of dangerous missiles is also becoming widespread. Now the pace and nature of international weapons are changing.

Giving information about the Hellfire R9X Ninja missile that killed al-Zawahiri, he said that this missile is about 50 years old. In which many changes have been taking place over time. That is why this ninja missile is fired directly at the terrorist. Kills the enemy by reaching his target accurately. Its explosion does not cause any harm to the people around.

The missile was designed to destroy Soviet tanks

Peter Lee told that this ninja missile was used to destroy Soviet tanks between 1970-1980. During this time this missile was prepared. This was followed by the development of several new versions with other capabilities in the 1990s. Later they were also fired from reaper drones or helicopters.

In 2017 it was also used to kill al Qaeda terrorist

The Hellfire R9X (Hellfire R9X) missile was also used in 2017. It was used to kill al-Qaeda terrorist Abu Khair al-Masri in Syria.

Super weapons can change the way we fight wars

Peter Lee believes that now is the era of destructive super weapons. Other super weapons can make a big difference in the way people live and fight wars. Russia has invested heavily for various super weapons based on old technology. It is very difficult to detect such Russia’s Avangard missile. At the same time, China’s DF-17 hypersonic ballistic missile has also been developed to avoid the American missile defense system.

Autonomous weapons being preferred

In the present era, countries are now preferring to have autonomous weapons. The presence of machine gun-armed robots, dogs in international markets shows that wars can be fought without risking lives. At the same time, Turkey has claimed that four types of autonomous drones made by it are very effective. Those who can identify and kill their target without the instruction of a human operator or GPS. According to a United Nations report of March 2021, Libya has been using these weapons for a long time.

Should the rules of war be changed?

Are new laws or treaties needed to limit these future weapons in changing times? The US has called for a global agreement to stop anti-satellite missile testing. But so far no initiative has been taken in this direction. While the US has withdrawn from the Medium Range Nuclear Power Treaty.

Human intervention is not required

Deadly autonomous weapons systems are evolving in new ways every day. These weapons are now a special class. They make their own decisions using machine learning and other types of artificial intelligence. They do not require human intervention.

restrictions on autonomous weapons systems

The Stop the Killer Robots group has called for an international ban on the deadly autonomous weapon system. There is also an undeclared deadlock in Geneva over the UN discussion on autonomous weapons.

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