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The path of Pakistan’s new Army Chief Aseem Munir will not be easy, President and Imran in preparation for big game

Islamabad: Serving as Quarter Master General in General Headquarters, Rawalpindi and former head of ISI, Lt. General Asim Munir will be the new chief of the Pakistan Army. On Thursday, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif took There is consensus on the appointment of General Munir. Now all eyes are on President Arif Alvi. Speculations are rife that the President may create hurdles in the process of appointment or complicate it. Alvi is close to former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). After the appointment, Imran’s statement has also come that Alvi will definitely consult him on the appointment of the new army chief. Defense Minister Khwaja Asif has expressed confidence that Alvi will work under the constitution and take the lead. Will approve the appointment of General Munir.

Imran’s party leader
Imran has said that the President should take Dr. Arif Alvi. Will definitely consult him on the details related to the appointment of General Munir. If Imran is to be believed, he is the head of the party of which President Alvi is a member. In such a situation, he will never forget this thing and will take any decision only under the constitution. PTI chief Imran Khan did not want the name of the new army chief to be announced by the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), the current coalition government. Now that the President is close to him, it is feared that the appointment of the new army chief may also be in jeopardy.
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Defense Minister Khawaja Asif tweeted and said that this is the time of examination for the President. It has to be seen whether he follows political advice or acts according to the constitution and law. According to him, as the Supreme Commander, it is his responsibility to save the country from political struggle.

If the President refused
Under the constitution, the details related to the new army chief are sent to the President by the Prime Minister 15 days in advance. He can use the power with him to send it back to the government for reconsideration. The Prime Minister can again send the same file to the President without any changes. Even if the President does not sign it when it is sent again, it is considered accepted.

If the President wants, he can stop it for the next 10 days without taking any decision on this matter. Pakistan’s lawyer Inamuh Rehman says that if the President blocks the details and the term of the current army chief ends, then the most senior lieutenant general can be handed over the responsibility of the army chief.
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what does the constitution say
It has always been a big question in Pakistan that after all, who has the final say on the appointment of the army chief? There has always been a debate on whether the President should appoint the army chief on his own wisdom or should he take a decision after consulting the Prime Minister? At the same time, under Article 48 (1) of the Constitution, he can also advise the Prime Minister regarding the appointment.

Will have to take advice from PM
Article 243 of the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan has been amended at least five times. Every time there was a struggle about who should get the responsibility of this important appointment. Under this article, the Prime Minister has been given the power to appoint the army chief. At the same time, according to Article 48 (1), the President should take a decision after consulting the Prime Minister.

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