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The price of the vase is Rs 89 lakh! You too were shocked, right? But it is sold for this much only

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Price of vase Rs 89 lakh

Washington: What is the maximum price a vase can cost? Even if it is very luxurious, it can cost up to one lakh rupees or even a little more than that. But can a vase be worth Rs 89 lakh? According to the New York Times, Virginia resident Jessica Vincent bought a glass vase from a local Goodwill charity shop for $3.99 (approximately Rs 331). When he sold this vase in auction, it was sold for Rs 89 lakh. Jessica was also surprised to hear this amount because even in her dreams she had not thought that it would cost so much.

Jessica was stunned

Jessica says that she never thought that this vase worth Rs 331 would fetch her Rs 89 lakh. He said that when he bought the vase, he found that there was a small M written on its bottom. When research was done on it, it was found that it could be related to the Italian island of Murano because of its glass work.

After this he sent the photographs of the vase for auction and then he got such a huge price for this vase. The vase was auctioned for $107,100 on Wednesday to an unnamed private art collector in Europe. About $83,500 went to Vincent and about $23,600 went to the Wright auction.

Experts who evaluated the piece determined that it was part of the Pennette series that Mr. Scarpa designed in the 1940s. It is unclear how many vases of this type were made.

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