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The price of this bull’s semen made a record, a bid of 20 lakh rupees was made, know what is special


10 semen straws from a bull bought for $2,400 each at the ‘Big Country Brahmin Sale’ at Charters Towers
This seven-year-old bull sold for a record $325,000 in 2017
Bought this semen at high prices to improve the genetics of his animals

Canberra, You must have heard the bid of lakhs for a cow that gives more milk, but in Australia, a bull (Semen of Bull) made a record for the price of its semen. According to the news website ABC News, the semen of Australia’s most expensive bull has been auctioned for $ 24,000 (about Rs 20 lakh). North Queensland cattlemen Mark and Pam Prichard bought 10 straws of semen from a bull for $2,400 each at the ‘Big Country Sale’ in Charters Towers. Straws are used to store bull semen, which is a kind of small plastic bottle, in which a small amount of semen is kept between liquid nitrogen.

In the year 2017, this seven-year-old bull record was sold for $ 325,000. Since then both the animal parents had made up their mind to buy the semen of this bull. After purchasing the seaman, Prichard stated that she and her husband were willing to pay even more for the seaman. He said that he bought this semen at a higher price to improve the genetics of his animals. Meanwhile, Sean Flanagan, Queensland rural sales co-ordinator, said Bull Seamen’s straw can be sold for as little as $10, while “premium” products typically fetch a few hundred dollars.

Let us tell you that the Big Country Sale attracts buyers from all over Australia, and it is not new for people to spend more than $100,000 on a single animal. Today with the help of new techniques ten calves can be obtained in one straw only. Along with this, seeing the good genetics of the big bull, the price of his semen has also started touching the sky. According to the organisers, hundreds of cattle herders participated in the bidding.

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