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The scary dream of defeat started troubling Zelensky, after Europe, America also showed its support to Ukraine at the last moment.

Image Source : PTI
Ukrainian President Zelensky meeting US President Joe Biden.

Ukraine’s weapons stockpile has become empty due to the war with Russia. Besides, there has also been a huge shortage of soldiers. Therefore, now Russian troops have again started gaining ground over the Ukrainian states. On the other hand, now the help Ukraine is receiving from all NATO countries including Europe has reduced by 90 percent. At the last moment, America also ditched Ukraine in the name of help. Due to this, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is facing the threat of defeat.

Ukraine, which is now lagging behind Russia in the war, was to get economic assistance of 50 billion euros (54 billion US dollars) from the European Union. But no consensus could be reached in this regard on Thursday. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban vetoed this aid. This step is being considered a big blow for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, because before this no result was achieved in the US Congress regarding providing economic aid to Ukraine.

Zelensky had asked for such huge help from America

Zelensky had requested US lawmakers to provide additional $61 billion in economic aid to Ukraine. This money is to be used mainly to buy weapons from America, but no consensus could be reached among the MPs in this regard. “I can tell you that 26 leaders agreed on (budget talks),” European Council President Charles Michel said. Sweden has to discuss this matter in its parliament, and one leader did not agree on it.” There is a rule in the European Union for any decision to be taken unanimously.

Ukraine will not be able to become a member of the European Union

Not only in the name of economic help, but the dream of Zelensky with which this war started will also not be fulfilled for Ukraine. The European Union has currently refused to include Ukraine in the EU. Michel, who chairs the Brussels conference, said the start of EU accession talks “sends a clear signal of hope and our commitment to their people.” It may take years, but Zelensky called it “a victory for Ukraine and for all of Europe.” “History is made by those who fight tirelessly for freedom,” Zelensky said. No agreement could be reached on the economic package because Orban vetoed both additional funding and a review of the EU budget. (AP)

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