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The style of the world’s biggest rich! Relationship with 5 women in 22 years… Elon Musk’s affair from Canada to Australia

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, is dominating the whole world these days. After buying the micro-blogging site Twitter, he is constantly taking big decisions and remains in the headlines around the world. He made a major change in Twitter’s verification process and laid off employees on a large scale. Whether selling shares of his car maker Tesla or insisting on establishing a human colony on Mars, Musk is known for his similar decisions. Apart from business, Musk also remains in the headlines for his personal and especially affairs. So far he has been in a relationship with five women, some of whom were his wives and some were girlfriends. Currently, Musk is the father of nine children and he favors increasing the population. Today we will tell you about the love life of the richest person in the world.



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