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The US President will be impeached, the proposal got the green signal, know how Biden reacted?

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US President Joe Biden

America President Joe Biden: The impeachment motion against US President Joe Biden has been approved. In the US Parliament, 221 votes were cast in support of the impeachment motion against Joe Biden, while 212 votes were cast against it. In this proposal, it has been proposed to initiate a formal impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden on the basis of controversial international dealings of his son Hunter Biden. This step has been called baseless by the Democratic Party.

Will impeachment motion spoil the election game for Biden?

The Republican Party has not yet presented any true facts against President Joe Biden. There will be no benefit from impeachment, because the proposal may fall as soon as the upper house of the US Parliament goes to the Senate. The number of Democrats Party is more there. Despite this, the impeachment motion can create trouble for Biden in the 2024 elections.

How did Biden react to the impeachment?

Biden has strongly rebuked the Republican Party regarding the impeachment proposal. He termed this impeachment motion as a political stunt and termed it baseless. Biden said that ‘the American people need their leader to take some action on important matters of the country and the world.’

Biden made this allegation on the Republican Party

Biden accused the Republican Party of blocking funds being sent to Ukraine and Israel. Biden said that Ukrainian President Zelensky came to America and I met him on Tuesday. They are leading their people to fight the Russians. They came to America to ask for help. When asked for financial help, I demanded funds from the Senate, but the Republicans in Parliament are not doing anything to help them. Biden said, ‘We have to fix the country’s southern border. We will need funding for this but the Republicans in Parliament will do nothing to help us. He said, ‘We need to work continuously to keep the country’s economy stable.’

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