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The world’s coldest city battling ‘heat wave’, the temperature crossed 38 degrees


One of the fastest warming regions on Earth is Siberia.
In 2020, the temperature reached 38 degree Celsius in the Siberian city of Verkhoyansk.
The temperature again reached 40 degree Celsius on Thursday.

Moscow. Siberia is known for its harsh cold climate. But this time it has broken all the summer records. The Russian region is currently experiencing the worst heat wave in history. Climatologist Maximiliano Herrera told CNN on Thursday that June 3 was the hottest day ever recorded in Zalturovsk in Siberia, where the temperature reached 37.9 degrees Celsius.

The mercury reached 39.6 degrees in Bevo and 38.5 degrees in Barnaul, breaking several heat records on Wednesday. Herrera told CNN that some of these stations have temperature records for 5 to 7 decades. He said that it can be said that it is really extraordinary. It is the region’s ‘worst heat wave in history’.

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Herrera told CNN that the temperature has again reached 40 degrees Celsius on Thursday. According to an analysis by a team of international scientists, temperatures in the Arctic Siberian town of Verkhoyansk reached 38 degrees Celsius during a heat wave in 2020. This is almost impossible without climate change.

Omar Badour, head of climate monitoring and policy services at the World Meteorological Organisation, told CNN that Siberia is one of the fastest warming regions on Earth.

Samantha Burgess, deputy director of the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service, said some heat waves have been observed in the region. He told CNN, this heat wave has a big impact on people and nature and it will happen again and again unless we sharply cut emissions of greenhouse gases.

Not only in Siberia, record heat is being seen in many places. On Wednesday, 45 degree temperature was recorded in China, 43 degree in Uzbekistan and 41 degree in Kazakhstan.

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