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The world’s most cruel crime, first beheaded the mother… then lay down naked on the dead body.

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US Police symbolic photo.

A Kaliyugi son has committed such a heinous crime with his mother that your soul will tremble after knowing about it. Just imagining this crime will blow your mind. The incident is related to New Jersey, America, where a son beheaded his own mother. Not only this, after killing the mother, the accused lay down naked on the dead body. The deceased mother was 74 years old. When the police arrived and saw the son in this condition, they too lost their senses. After all, how can a son do such a cruel act with his old mother?…New Jersey Police has currently arrested the accused and started interrogating him about the incident.

The surprising thing is that the accused himself had called the police and informed about killing the mother. When the police reached his house, they were stunned to see the horrific scene there. At the spot, it was seen that the man had separated the mother’s head from the body and was himself lying naked on the dead body. The police immediately arrested him and took him away. Whoever heard about this incident was astonished.

This 46 year old man committed the crime

A man named Jeffrey Sargent murdered his mother. The sergeant called 911 just before 4 p.m. Friday. He told the operator that he had “just killed his mother”. Sergeant, 46, also indicated to police that he suffered from mental health problems, namely bipolar disorder, The Press of Atlantic City reports. When police arrived at Sargent’s Ocean City apartment, they found him naked in a hallway outside the unit, lying in a pool of blood over his mother’s mutilated body. His mother’s head was lying several feet away from the body. Authorities confirmed the victim was Sargent’s mother, 74-year-old Alexandre M. Sargent.

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