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‘The worst phase of the corona epidemic is over, will be together in some ways’ – the statement of the White House official

Corona Effect: The worst phase of the corona pandemic is over now. In the US, ‘White House Corona Virus Response Coordinator’ Dr. Ashish Jha said on Tuesday (November 8), “Kovid-19 will always be there in some ways but the worst of the epidemic is completely over”.

Addressing the ’20th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit’, Jha said, “Given the high level of immunity in the population due to vaccination and past infection, even if we face the worst form of this pandemic But its worst phase has passed.

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Dr. Ashish Jha said about Kovid, “Covid is not over and in some ways it will always be with us and we just have to keep fighting it”. Referring to the emergence of more forms of viruses that defeat immunity, he said, “But the good thing is that as the virus is changing form, so are humans changing themselves. We are changing vaccines to new forms.” And we have been able to live with the virus. We don’t find ourselves helpless in dealing with it.”

Corona effect in America
If we talk about the case of Corona in the world, then America has been the worst. The maximum number of cases of corona have been registered there. From 3 January 2020 to 8 November 2022, 9 crore 64 lakh 74 thousand 411 cases of corona have been reported. The same 10 lakh 62 thousand 721 people have died.

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So far a total of 62 crore 99 lakh 78 thousand 289 cases of corona have been reported in the world and 65 lakh 82 thousand 023 people have died. In India too, the impact of Corona has been tremendous.

When did Dr. Ashish Jha become the coordinator of Kovid-19?
US President Joe Biden selected Indian-American doctor Ashish Jha as the White House’s Kovid-19 ‘White House Corona Virus Response Coordinator’ in March 2022. Born in Bihar, 51-year-old Jha succeeded Jeff Gents, a management advisor and former top economic adviser to President Barack Obama.

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