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There is a ‘diamond factory’ present inside the earth, every moment diamond is being made under our feet

Washington: Diamonds come from inside the earth. But scientists speculate that one of Earth’s many surfaces is a ‘diamond factory’ between the molten metal core and the mantle, where the diamonds are being formed under pressure. A lab experiment has found that a combination of iron, carbon and water can form diamonds in the core of the mantle under high temperatures and pressures. These three things are found between the core-mantle and if the same process happens inside the earth then diamonds would be forming there. If this happens, it may answer many questions, such as why is there more carbon in the mantle than scientists estimated?

The findings could also help understand strange structures at the core-mantle boundary, where earthquake waves slow down. “Where the core-mantle meets, molten iron and stone are rubbing against each other,” said Sang-Hen Shim, a geoscientist at Arizona State University and lead author of the study. But here the pressure is also very high, due to which a unique chemistry is seen.

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To test this idea, the researchers brought together objects found in the core-mantle boundary in the lab. After this, pressure was applied on it up to about 140 gigapascals. This pressure is about 1.4 billion times the pressure at sea level. Simultaneously, the researchers heated up to 3,776 degrees Celsius. Shim said that we kept on monitoring what would happen after heating the sample.
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‘We saw a diamond forming between the stone and the liquid,’ said Shim. He further said that the behavior of water here was different from that of the earth. Hydrogen and oxygen separated due to high pressure. Most of the core is molten iron. Hydrogen starts moving towards iron and gets mixed in the core. Whereas oxygen remains in the mantle. Shim further explained that after this process it appears as if hydrogen is pushing other lighter elements from the core. It also contains carbon. After this, the carbon leaves the core and moves towards the mantle. But the pressure between the two gets stuck and then turns into a diamond.




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