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These four special people are involved in Jinping’s new team, some are propaganda chief and some have connection with terror.

Xi Jinping Third Term: Xi Jinping is currently one of the most powerful and powerful leaders of China. It would not be wrong to say that Jinping has reached the peak of his political career at this time. No one dares to revolt in China. On the other hand, the faces whom Jinping did not trust, they have shown them the way out of the Politburo and the Standing Committee. With this, Jinping has now given entry to his close ones on the top bodies of the Communist Party.

The announcement of Xi Jinping’s new team is going to happen shortly after. Meanwhile, 4 names are very much discussed. It is being said that these 4 people will now run China under the Jinping rule. The Communist Party of China, more than 100 years old, is now occupied by Xi Jinping and Company. From now on, let us tell you about the 4 special people of Jinping who will run the party and China.

Jinping’s 4 Big ‘Powers’

  • The first name is Ding Shuxiang. Shuxiang is in charge of Xi Jinping’s personal security, that is, Jinping does not trust anyone more than him. Ding Shuxiang is also a member of the Politburo.
  • The second name in the list is Chain Miner. Vicious mind Chen is also considered the propaganda chief of the Communist Party.
  • Li Qiang’s is at number three in this list after Chen Miner. At present, Qiang is a member of the Politburo and party secretary in Shanghai. This is the same position where Xi Jinping himself was before being elected to the Standing Committee in 2007.
  • The fourth name is Hu Chunhua. He is the Deputy PM of China. The terror of Hu Chunhua’s name is still there in Tibet, that is why he has joined Jinping’s team.

Apart from these, Huang Kunming’s name is also running for Jinping’s power cabinet. Now it will be the responsibility of implementing Jinping’s agenda on China strictly on these names.

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Jinping’s third round in China

Today the path will be cleared for Jinping to remain the President of China for life. While the world order will change, the rebellion against Jinping will intensify, because there are still many powerful people in the CCP and the People’s Liberation Army who are waiting for the right time to overthrow Jinping. Let us tell you that Xi Jinping is completing his 10-year term as CCP chief and president this year. He will be the first Chinese leader after party founder Mao Zedong to serve a third term in power. Mao Zedong ruled for nearly three decades.

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