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Third round of Jinping era will start in China, will be announced today after CPC meeting

China Communist Party: The biggest meeting of the Communist Party of China in China is over. Yesterday was the last day of the 20th session of the National Congress, which lasted for seven days. During this meeting, there was a lot of drama in China. However, in the midst of all this, the meeting has come to an end. Now the third round of the Xi Jinping era will begin once again in China.

Talking about the meeting, the most brutal face of the dictatorship was seen in the CPC, which was filled with discipline on the last day (October 22). Former Chinese President Hu Jintao was forcibly taken out by security personnel, although he did not want to go out. The world was stunned to see this live broadcast of the dictatorship on the orders of Jinping. Now it has to be seen that how much dictatorship increases in China in the coming time.

Entry of trusted people in CPC

Voting for the election of the members of the Politburo was completed in the high level meeting of the CPC on the previous day. Who will be the 25 members of the Politburo and the seven members of the Standing Committee can be announced today. In the new team of CPC, Jinping has removed all the opponents and has given entry to his trusted people.

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Today the path will be cleared for Jinping to remain the President of China for life. While the world order will change, the rebellion against Jinping will intensify, because there are still many powerful people in the CPC and the People’s Liberation Army who are waiting for the right time to overthrow Jinping.

Jinping completing his 10-year term

Xi Jinping is completing his 10-year term as CPC chief and president this year. He will be the first Chinese leader after party founder Mao Zedong to serve a third term in power. Mao Zedong ruled for nearly three decades.

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