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Third world war going to happen? Putin will deploy nuclear weapons, China warns

Moscow/Beijing : There is news that Russia is going to deploy strategic nuclear weapons in its neighboring and friendly country Belarus. After this disastrous plan of Russia came to the fore, China has issued a warning of the Third World War. China’s representative to the United Nations, Geng Shuang, has called on all the world’s powers to withdraw. Russia, which has fought a war with Ukraine for more than 400 days, has repeatedly hinted at a nuclear strike. Shortly after the war broke out last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin put his nuclear forces on alert.

The Chinese representative said Beijing opposes attacks on nuclear power plants and the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Speaking at a Security Council meeting on international peace, Shuang voiced China’s opposition to Russia’s plan to send nuclear weapons to Belarus. He called upon the countries to maintain ‘global strategic stability’. Shuang said he was addressing “all” nuclear-weapon states.
Russia Nuclear Weapon: So Russia will start a nuclear world war … Before the deployment of nuclear weapons, the President of Belarus gave a frightening warning

‘Don’t deploy nuclear weapons overseas’

The Chinese ambassador said Beijing calls on all nuclear-weapon states to effectively reduce the risk of nuclear war and avoid any conflict. We call for an end to the nuclear-sharing arrangement and advocate for non-deployment of nuclear weapons abroad and withdrawal of weapons by all nuclear-weapon states, he said. Belarus provided the platform for Putin’s army to enter Ukraine.

Russia Nuclear War: Russia threatens to destroy the world on warrant against Putin

Scary warning from Putin’s friend

Putin’s close aide and the President of Belarus has said in a statement that if Russia is defeated in this war, Putin will start a nuclear world war. In such an environment when Russia is talking about the deployment of nuclear weapons, this statement becomes even more worrying. Alexander Lukashenko said that Putin would also deploy an intercontinental nuclear missile in Belarus if needed. Lukashenko supported Putin’s arms deployment, calling the West a threat to Belarus.

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