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This 2000 year old scary mummy is a mystery to the world, the organs are safe and there is blood in the veins

Beijing: Usually whenever we think of a mummy, we think of a decomposed human body which cannot be recognized. Although there is one such mummy in the world which is 2000 years old but still the whole body is remarkably almost safe. This mummy is of a Chinese woman named The Lady of Dai or Xin Zhui. This woman died between 178 and 145 BC. In the year 1971, when the tomb of this woman was accidentally discovered, the eyes of paleontologists were torn apart. Scientists could not believe that the organs of the woman were still intact. Looking at the things that were placed near Xin Zhui’s grave, it was clear that she was a very wealthy woman. She must have been very important while she was alive. This woman is being told the most secure mummy ever. The woman’s skin is still moist and her eyes are also attached. There is still blood in his veins.

When scientists examined the woman’s body, they found that 100 watermelon seeds were found in her stomach and intestines. This suggested that the woman must have eaten the watermelon just before her death. How the dead body of this woman remained safe even after 2000 years, the exact answer has not come yet. Since this woman was very wealthy, her body was covered in 18 layers of silk and linen cloth.

The woman’s coffin was filled with a strange fluid. This material had turned brown due to exposure to oxygen. Many analysts believe that it was the traditional herbal solution that helped preserve the body. Pathologists were able to ascertain that this Lady of the Die was very ill before she died. It is believed that a Chinese woman died of a heart attack just after eating a watermelon. The blood clot is still present in the veins of this woman. Scientists believe that at the time of death this woman must have been 50 years old. The woman was overweight and also had diabetes.

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