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This biggest opponent of Putin, who is in jail, made a big announcement, will make Vladimir’s path difficult in the presidential elections.

Image Source: AP
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

Despite Vladimir Putin’s strong chances of winning re-election for Russia’s presidency in 2024, opposition leaders have vowed to confront him and damage his image. Opposition leaders in Russia believe Putin will be the winner no matter who voters vote for, but they will try to undermine the widespread public support he enjoys and show that those opposing the invasion of Ukraine are alone. Are not.

Jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny said in an online statement issued from behind bars that he would fight this battle. Putin had announced on Friday that he would also contest the next elections to be held in 2024 for the country’s top post. With this announcement, Putin has expressed his desire for another six-year term, in which his victory is considered certain. Most of the opposition leaders are either in jail or have gone out of the country. Some people agree that there is no point in trying to influence the outcome of an election.

Putin’s path to becoming president will be difficult

According to Navalny’s top strategist Leonid Volkov, the opposition leader will try to convey his views about Putin and his government in the election campaign because it will be a time when “the Russian people will be more politically active than usual.” Volkov and his team started a project called ‘Navalny’s Campaigning Machine’. Under this, efforts will be made to talk to as many Russian citizens as possible through phone or online and efforts will be made to turn them against Putin.

Another opposition force ‘Anti-War Committee’ also plans to launch a ‘No to Putin’ campaign. The committee unites Putin’s critics such as businessman Mikhail Khodorkovsky, chess legend Garry Kasparov, former MP-turned-opposition leader Gennady Gudkov and his son Dmitry Gudkov. (AP)

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