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This decision of the Supreme Court will prove fatal for Pakistanis, their own government has trapped them in such atrocities.

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Pakistani people.

A decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan has created panic among the people there. In fact, the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Wednesday approved the trial of civilians in military courts. Along with this, the court put a conditional stay on its unanimous decision of October 23, in which it had refused to allow military courts to prosecute civilians. This decision of the Supreme Court has brought great trouble to Pakistanis. Pakistan’s own government had sought permission to prosecute some people of its country in a military court, which has been approved by the Supreme Court.

A six-member bench of the court delivered the verdict with a 5-1 majority on an ‘Intra-Court Appeal’ (ICA) petition challenging its previous order. During the hearing, Attorney General Mansoor Awan asked the court for conditional permission to resume trials of suspected civilians in military courts. The top court accepted the petition and granted permission. However, the Court said that military courts would not issue a final verdict against the suspect. The court said that the final decision will be based on the order of the Supreme Court.

There was chaos on the day of Imran Khan’s arrest

It is noteworthy that on October 23, a five-member bench of the Supreme Court had ruled that after the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan on May 9, trying civilians in military courts for their alleged role in attacks on military installations does not fall within the scope of the Constitution. . After the latest decision of the Supreme Court, the military authorities have got permission to prosecute more than a hundred civilians involved in the attacks on military installations on May 9. (language)

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