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This Muslim country will elect its President today, voting at 59 thousand polling booths – India TV Hindi

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Current President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi

Iran President Election: Elections were recently held in India’s neighboring country Pakistan. But the oath for the post of Prime Minister has not been taken yet. There are presidential elections today in India’s friend and Shia country Iran. The people of this country will vote today to elect their President. For this, 59 thousand polling booths have been made. Complete preparations have been made for the parliamentary elections.

The country is facing a lot of challenges after the 2020 parliamentary elections. This election is being judged on the criteria of democratic reforms, disputes with western countries and poor economy. These elections are being held at a time when Iran is facing US sanctions. Israel: Amidst the Hamas war, Israel has become enmity with America and its friendly countries. Not only this, Iran’s relations with its neighboring country Pakistan have also deteriorated in recent times. Both the countries have struck each other’s terrorist hideouts.

What is the election process in Iran?

Elections are held in Iran every four years on the lines of the French electoral system. If no candidate gets more than 50 percent of the votes in the first round of voting, then in the second round, votes are cast for the two candidates who get the highest number of votes. Voters must be at least 18 years of age. More than 6.12 crore people are eligible to vote in the country with a population of about 8.5 crore.

Polling booth will remain open for 10 hours

According to a report, voting will start in Iran from 8 am local time and the polling booth will remain open for 10 hours. However, if we look at earlier elections, the voting time is often extended as per the demand. There will be 59 thousand polling stations across the country. Of these, 5,000 centers have been set up in Tehran and 6,800 centers have been set up in the wider province of Tehran.

Who will be selected?

More than 15,000 candidates are trying their luck for 290 seats in the Parliament in Iran. Earlier it was called Islamic Consultative Assembly. Here the tenure of the members is four years and five seats in the Parliament are reserved for religious minorities. Apart from the parliamentary elections, the people of Iran will also vote for the 88-seat Assembly of Experts today.

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