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This virus will become the next pandemic! Symptoms are like Ebola, scientists alert the world with new research

Washington: The corona virus epidemic has shown how one virus can stop the speed of the whole world. Scientists fear that they have detected a virus that could become an epidemic like the corona. This virus lives in African monkeys. The name of this virus is Simian Hemorrhagic Fever Virus (SHFV). Symptoms similar to Ebola are seen from this virus. This virus causes internal bleeding. It completely hijacks the immune system.

According to US researchers, no case of this virus has been seen in humans so far, but it can spread to humans. Scientists say that if the world develops its test and monitors the virus, then a pandemic can potentially be avoided. SHFV, a specialist at the University of Colorado Boulder, says that this is a warning situation.
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Has the ability to reach the human body
A study done in the lab found that the virus has the ability to easily reach the human receptor and can increase its population in any human body. Senior author of the study, Dr. Sarah Sawyer, said, ‘This virus has found a way to reach human cells, increase its own population and avoid some of the important immune systems that protect us from viruses from animals. This is rare and we need to look into it.
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What are the symptoms in monkeys
The SHFV virus causes fever in macaque monkeys. Fluid accumulation in body tissues, anorexia and bleeding occur. In two weeks, this virus can be fatal for the body. Researchers believe that it attacks immune cells in the same way as HIV. It is believed to have originated in the chimpanzee monkeys of Africa. The author of the research, Professor Cody Warren, said there are similarities between this virus and the simian virus that gave rise to the HIV epidemic. He further said that if we have not found any case of this in humans, then it does not mean that this virus cannot spread to humans.



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