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Threat of Islamic State group increased in the countries of this continent, UN expressed concern – India TV Hindi

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Threat of Islamic State group increased in the countries of this continent

ISIS in Africa: The Islamic State group is trying to establish its influence not only in the Middle East but also on the African continent close to the Middle East. This is the reason why the threat of Islamic State group is increasing in Africa. The United Nations itself has expressed concern about this.

The head of the United Nations counter-terrorism office said Thursday that extremist group Islamic State poses a growing threat amid political instability in West Africa and the Sahel. Vladimir Voronkov reiterated the UN’s findings that IS remains a significant threat to international peace and security, particularly in conflict areas, despite significant progress by UN Member States in countering the threat.

Voronkov said the group has also stepped up operations in Iraq and Syria, as well as in its former strongholds in Southeast Asia. Voronkov told the UN Security Council that the situation in the African continent’s Sahel region and West Africa has worsened and is “becoming more complex” as local ethnic and territorial disputes are conducive to the extremist group’s agenda and operations. .

Baghdadi started from 2006

After a long war, America had liberated Iraq from the clutches of Saddam Hussein. But while achieving this independence, Iraq was completely ruined. As soon as the American army left Iraq, many small groups started fighting for their power. The leader of one of those groups was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the chief of Al-Qaeda Iraq. He was busy preparing his land in Iraq since 2006. To capture Iraq, by then it had changed the name of Al-Qaeda Iraq to ISI i.e. Islamic State of Iraq. After this, Baghdadi created rebellion in Syria also. However, for the first four years, Baghdadi did not achieve any major success in Syria. However, during this time he once again changed the name of his organization and this time named it ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).

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