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Three names are at the forefront for the new army chief in Pakistan, if they get the command, how will relations with India be?

Islamabad: The appointment of the army chief remains the biggest issue in Pakistan. Pakistan’s government said on Monday that the process of selecting the army chief and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee would be completed this week. In this, the names of three generals are now at the forefront. These generals are those who have a good understanding of relations with India or have played an important role in settling bilateral issues. Pakistan’s Defense Minister Khawaja Asif said that the process of appointing the next army chief has started from Monday.

Their appointments will be completed soon as per the constitutional requirements. He further said that five or six senior-most generals would be considered for the post of army chief and the appointment would be completed by November 25. There has been speculation in Pakistan about the appointment of the army chief for a long time. Especially when relations between the army chief and Imran Khan turned sour. Imran recently demanded that the next army chief should choose a new government after elections in 2023.
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Who’s who in the race
The new army chief in Pakistan will replace General Qamar Javed Bajwa. Bajwa will retire on 27 November. It was Imran Khan who extended the service of General Bajwa by three years. But in April, Imran Khan was removed from power through a no-confidence motion. Since then, there is a tussle between Imran and the army. In the race to become the new general of Pakistan are Lt Gen Sahir Shamshad Mirza and Lt Gen Azhar Abbas who have a good understanding of matters related to India. The third is General Lt Asim Munir who was the ISI chief during the Pulwama attack in India.

Imran does not like Asim Munir
Of the three generals, Aseem Munir is considered such a person that if he becomes the army chief, India-Pakistan relations will remain tense. According to reports, this is because after the Pulwama attack, it was Aseem Munir’s decision that the Pakistani Air Force should attack in response to India’s air strike. However, Aseem Munir was removed from the post of ISI chief after a short tenure of one year. This is because the then Prime Minister Imran Khan did not like his rule-based behavior all the time. For this reason, a section of the ruling PML-N supports making him the army chief.
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General Abbas has done ceasefire
General Abbas is considered the most experienced in relations with India. Prior to this, General Abbas has been the chief of Rawalpindi-based X Corps from 2019-21. The X Corps oversees operations in parts of Kashmir and Abbas was negotiating on behalf of Pakistan to implement the ceasefire on the LoC in February 2021. At the same time, General Mirza also has good knowledge of matters related to India. He has also been the commander of X Corps.

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