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Tibet made a big attack on China, till now Jinping was taking this country lightly.

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Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama (symbolic)

Now Tibet has also launched a major attack on China, which is facing tension with Taiwan. President of Tibet’s government-in-exile, Penpa Tsering, has said that the Tibetan people are ‘dying a slow death’ due to China’s repression. He has also appealed to democratic countries to stand against Chinese assertiveness. Tsering said democracies around the world should look to “internal forces” such as Tibetans, Uyghur leaders and pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong. So that pressure can be put on Beijing to change its aggressive approach and bring ‘positive change’ within the country.

He said that there is not much understanding in the world about the extent of China’s strategic objectives and plans and there is a need to create awareness about what are the conspiracies of Beijing. The Sikyong, or political leader, of the exiled Central Tibetan Administration, while addressing an awareness program on the Panchen Lama, accused China of destroying the historical basis of Tibet’s existence. He said on Tuesday night that I am telling the world that ‘we are dying a slow death, we are suffering as our breath is being squeezed out by the dragon (China).’ The Dalai Lama fled from Tibet to India and established a government in exile here.

Tibet is demanding independence

Chinese government officials and the Dalai Lama or his representatives have not met for formal talks since 2010. Beijing has been accusing the Dalai Lama of engaging in ‘separatist’ activities and trying to divide Tibet and considers him a divisive figure. However, the Tibetan spiritual leader has stressed that he is not seeking independence, but rather ‘genuine autonomy for all Tibetans living in Tibet’s three traditional provinces’ under a ‘middle-way approach’ . Tsering said the Chinese government is facing various domestic challenges, including on the economic and political fronts, and there must be a ‘confluence of internal and external forces’ to bring about ‘positive change’ within that country.

Tibet made this appeal to other democratic countries including India

The Tibetan government-in-exile, based in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, represents more than a million Tibetans living in about 30 countries. Commenting on China’s internal situation, Tsering claimed that it is the only country that spends more financial resources on internal security than external security as the communist regime faces the anger of the people. “We have internal strengths,” he said. There must be a combination of internal and external forces to bring about positive change.

That’s why I say to governments, please do not look at us from the perspective of victims of communism, whom you can only pity.” The Tibetan leader said that India can also take information from Tibetans for its China strategy. He also underlined the need for democratic countries, including India, to speak more clearly on China-related issues. “When reaching out for cooperation, we can only approach the democratic world,” Tsering said. We cannot contact other totalitarian regimes because they follow the same practices as China.


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