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To wear a bikini, women had to take a ticket, Europe had banned, the Vatican had said – a sinful dress!

Paris : A dress for women was named ‘bikini’ in 1946. The name was given by French engineer Louis Riard, who designed the bikini. She named the swimsuit after the Bikini Atoll, where the US was conducting nuclear tests. After its initial success in France, women all over the world are still crazy about this swimsuit. Reard later dubbed the bikini the ‘two piece bathing suit’.

The fashion magazine Modern Girl magazine said in 1957 that talking about the so-called bikini is a waste of words because no decent and decent girl would ever wear such a thing. In the early days after coming into existence in 1946, bikinis were banned in beaches and public places in the French Atlantic Coast, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Australia. It was opposed or banned in many US states.

Brazilian models took off in front of the Eiffel Tower, created a ruckus with the strange bikini stunt
Vatican called it ‘sinful dress’
The Vatican declared this dross to be a ‘sinner’. The United States Motion Picture Production Code, which had been in place since 1934, allowed two-piece gowns. But Hollywood banned the display of navel in movies. The glamorous pictures of actresses and models popular on both sides of the Atlantic played a big part in bringing the bikini into the mainstream.

ticket to wear a bikini
The controversy over the bikini continued for a long time. Germany continued to ban bikinis in public swimming pools until the 1970s. This picture is also from the same time when bikini was a controversial dress. The handle named History in Pictures has tweeted this photo on Twitter. In this 1957 photo, a policeman can be seen issuing a ticket to a woman wearing a bikini.



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