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Trains will stop in Pakistan, the country will be immersed in darkness… the pauper Shahbaz government spread its bag in front of China

Islamabad: In the midst of the ongoing political crisis in Pakistan, the Shahbaz Sharif government has appealed to China for billions of dollars in aid. The Shahbaz government has said that if 5 projects related to the CPEC project are not completed expeditiously, then the railway system in Pakistan will collapse within a year. Also, the 3100 MW power project will suffer huge losses and the power crisis in the country will deepen. The 5 Chinese projects that Pakistan has warned about are worth $ 18.5 billion.

The ongoing multi-billion dollar CPEC project in Pakistan is not progressing due to which the tension between the two countries has increased. China is avoiding further investment in view of Imran Khan’s political crisis in Pakistan. Along with this, China has also put a condition to deploy its ‘army’ to deal with the attack of Baloch. At the same time, to resolve this entire dispute, Shahbaz Sharif is going to visit China.
There is a war between Imran Khan and Bajwa’s army, know why there has been a sudden ruckus in Pakistan
Pakistan’s main line rail network will collapse
On behalf of Pakistan, Planning and Development Minister Ahsan Iqbal made this request to the Chinese government during a meeting. No new announcement was made in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) meeting. Pakistan is angry that there is continuous delay in completing the plans decided eight years ago. Pakistan has urged China to give priority to five projects related to rail and energy, including Mainline-1, costing $10 billion.

A Pakistani official said that these projects are facing problems from both sides. The Pakistani minister admitted that his country was failing to take advantage of the experience of China’s special economic zone. Shahbaz Sharif is scheduled to visit China on November 1 on a two-day visit. Iqbal said that Pakistan’s main line network will collapse within a year if the rail project is not started immediately.

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