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Trying to pull the flag from the coffin of the Queen of Britain, the police caught the person showing speed, VIDEO came to the fore

London: The coffin of the late Queen Elizabeth II of Britain is kept in Westminster Hall. People from Britain and around the world are arriving to pay their respects to the Queen. People are paying tribute to the Queen in their own way by reaching West Minster Hall. Some are placing flowers near his coffin, some with folded hands and some are bowing completely and paying homage to him. But a dramatic development was witnessed at Westminster Hall on Friday. When a man ran towards the coffin of the queen.

Before the person could go close to the coffin, the police standing nearby caught him swiftly. Within seconds, several policemen and royal guards took him away from the coffin to a room. Seeing this sight, the people standing in the crowd were surprised. It is being told that he tried to pull the royal flag placed above the coffin of the queen, after which he was arrested.

The man was taken into custody by the police
“On Friday 16 September at 10 p.m. officers from the Met’s Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command have been taken into custody on charges of causing unrest at Westminster Hall,” a police spokesman said. He has been taken into custody under the Public Order Act and is currently in custody. An eyewitness said that he stood in line with us all day. He came alone. When we reached the room, we were at the top of the stairs from where we saw the incident. A woman screamed. This was quite disturbing. During this also people continued to walk peacefully.
In the living-in-state tradition, the eight grandchildren will be present near the coffin of the Queen of Britain, Prince Harry will also wear military uniform
Live stream paused for 15 minutes
Many people were stunned to see the incident of such misbehavior with the coffin of the Queen. Many people who came to pay tribute started crying. He said that it was very sad to see that something like this is happening to His Queen. The live stream on BBC was suspended for 15 minutes soon after the incident.



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