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Turkey Taliban Relations: Erdogan, who is becoming a Taliban sympathizer, announces that Turkey will not keep Afghan refugees

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has denied asylum to Afghan refugees. Speaking on the situation in Afghanistan at the G20 leaders’ conference, he said Turkey cannot once again face a new influx of refugees. He also proposed the creation of a working group on Afghanistan in the G20. Erdogan said that Turkey is also ready to lead this working group.

3.6 million Syrian refugees in Turkey
Erdogan said there are already 3.6 million Syrian refugees in Turkey. In such a situation, his country cannot bear the people of Afghanistan. Turkey has also made tight security arrangements along the border to prevent refugees coming from Afghanistan. These days, many Afghan refugees who have entered Turkey illegally have also been caught by the security forces.

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Afghan refugees reaching Turkey via Iran
According to the BBC report, refugees from Afghanistan are reaching the Turkish border via Iran. After Pakistan, it is becoming the most convenient route for Afghan refugees. Iran is also not obstructing these people from leaving their country and reaching the European border. Millions of Afghan citizens have left the country after the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

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What happened in the G20 meeting on Afghanistan
The situation arising after the Taliban occupation was discussed in the meeting of the G-20 countries on Afghanistan. Many other countries including the European Union, America and Turkey also participated in this meeting. The European Union has announced 1 billion euros in aid for Afghanistan a day earlier. Some of this money will also go to the countries sheltering Afghan refugees.

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Turkey increasing friendship with Taliban
Turkey has been engaging the Taliban from the very beginning to establish its dominance in Afghanistan. Turkey had also scrambled to take over the operation of Kabul airport. At the last minute, the Taliban resumed operations at Kabul Airport with the help of Qatar except Turkey. Turkey is also taking the help of its all-time friend Pakistan to take the Taliban under its influence.

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Turkish President Erdogan


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