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Two killed, police officers injured in firing in Washington, USA

Firing In Washington: In America, once again some people fired indiscriminately and killed 2 people. This incident happened on Thursday (October 20). Officials said the firing took place in the US capital, Washington, where two people died and a police officer was seriously injured. 3 suspects who carried out the firing incident had fled from the spot, out of which two have been arrested.

Colville Tribal Police Department said that the injured police officer has been admitted to the hospital, where his condition is much better than before. Police have identified the two suspects as Kari Pinkam and Zachary Holt. The third suspect has not been identified.

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According to media reports, the tribal police searched them overnight with the help of 10 other agencies including the FBI, Border Patrol, Washington State Patrol and the sheriff’s deputy. The department said on Facebook on Friday that two suspects had been arrested. Officials urged residents to stay indoors during the search. Cody DeSoutel, executive director of the Confederate Tribes of the Colville Reservation, informed that schools in two districts have been closed due to search operations and firing.

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Gun culture wreaks havoc in America!

On October 14 too, the havoc of gun culture was seen in America. Indiscriminate firing took place in North Carolina, USA, in which five people died. Along with this, a policeman also lost his life. In this case, the police caught the attacker.

Earlier, on October 6, there was a mass shooting at Mexican City Hall in Mexico, in which at least 18 people were killed. According to reports, a man entered an event at Mexican City Hall and opened fire indiscriminately after waiting for a few seconds. It was told that apart from the mayor, his father, former mayor and officers of the municipal police were also killed. At the same time, after the incident, an atmosphere of tension has arisen in the entire area.

Biden created gun control bill

Let us tell you that it is very easy for anyone to buy a gun in America, just like the rest of the goods are sold in shops, in the same way guns are sold in America. However, in view of the havoc of gun culture, President Joe Biden has talked about making strict laws regarding it. Biden has said that this could save lives. Especially strictness is being shown on the sale of assault weapons. Apart from this, those who buy guns will be strictly investigated and guns will be withdrawn from those who are suspicious or dangerous. This law has been implemented in America, but despite this, the incidents of mass shooting are not taking the name of stopping.

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