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Two tomatoes were lost in space, accused of theft, recovered after 8 months-VIDEO

Image Source : NASA
Tomato lost in space found after 8 months

In the year 2022, two tomatoes were lost in space, about which astronaut Frank Rubio Rubio was said to have eaten the tomatoes. Now after eight months, both the small tomatoes lost in space have been recovered. Space agency NASA on Friday on YouTube has recovered the tomatoes that were missing for the last 8 months. NASA has shared footage of an attractive looking tomato. Astronaut Frank Rubio accidentally lost the fruit while harvesting for the Exposed Root On-Orbit Test System.

(XROOTS) used a soil-less plant called a cow. Other astronauts joked that perhaps Astronaut Rubio had stolen and eaten the tomatoes. However, two tomatoes grown in space were missing for eight months. Recently the ISS crew recovered the tomatoes, ending the mild mystery that the tomatoes were stolen and eaten by someone.

The space agency revealed that the tomatoes recovered eight months later “appeared slightly dried and bruised, but did not show any microbial or fungal growth.”

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Nearly a year after astronaut Frank Rubio accidentally lost track of them while harvesting for the XROOTS experiment, two fake tomatoes have been recovered, proving that Rubio did not eat the tomatoes as he was supposed to. There was doubt at first.

‘XROOTS uses hydroponic and aeroponic techniques to grow plants without soil or other growth mediums. Current plant systems cannot grow well in the space environment due to mass, maintenance, and sanitation issues. “XROOT’s soil-free technology may provide a suitable solution for plant systems needed for future space exploration missions,” NASA said.

Astronauts said this

According to NASA, tomatoes were grown without soil by crews on space flights away from Earth using hydroponic and aeroponic nutrition techniques. The benefits of growing plants in space don’t stop there, astronauts report that spending time gardening has psychological benefits, enhancing their quality of life in space and boosting their morale.

“Research aboard the space station is advancing the technology and scientific knowledge needed to successfully grow plants in space and help humans push the boundaries of space travel,” NASA said in a blog post.

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