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UK News: Sikh youth wanted to avenge Jallianwala Bagh by killing Queen Elizabeth with bow and arrow, accepted treason

London: A British Sikh pleaded guilty to treason on Friday for planning to assassinate Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II on Christmas Day 2021. The accused was apprehended from the grounds of Windsor Palace. Soon after the arrest of the accused Jaswant Singh Chail (21), in a video that went viral on social media, it was seen that Chail wanted to kill the Queen to avenge the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar.

Sentence will be pronounced on March 31
Chail pleaded guilty under Britain’s Treason Act at the Old Bailey court in London. The court will pronounce sentence on Chail on March 31. Commander Richard Smith, who is leading the investigation, described the incident as “very serious” and praised the officers on patrol during the incident. “He showed tremendous bravery to confront a masked man armed with a bow and arrow and then took him into custody without harming anyone,” Smith said.
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what happened that day
On 25 December 2021, Chail was seen on the grounds of the palace when he was present in the private section. Royal Protection Officers had seen him. The officers at the gate who were heading towards the private apartments saw Chail. Chail was unemployed at that time. But he worked in a supermarket for a few days. With the help of a rope, he had reached the ground. Chail wore a hoodie and a mask. The officer then sent a message with his Taser asking if Chail needed help. Chail then replied, ‘I have come to kill the queen.’

Chail said – I have come to kill the queen
Soon after, Chail was asked to drop his weapon. Chail had planned to kill the queen with a crossbow-like weapon. On being told by the officer, he put down his weapon and knelt down. His hand was on his head. Chail again repeated, ‘I have come here to kill the queen.’

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