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Ukraine did a dangerous attack on the naval fleet, Russia said – used 9 drones

Sco. Amidst the Russo-Ukraine war, the Kremlin has made a big allegation. Russia has said that Ukraine has carried out a major drone attack on its ‘Black Sea Fleet’ (naval fleet). The attack took place in the Crimean coastal city of Sevastopol. The Russian ship was damaged in this attack. However, Ukraine did not react to this allegation by Russia.

On this matter, the UK Defense Ministry has said that Russia is making false claims on a large scale. Russia last month accused Britain’s military of involvement in the attack and detonating a gas pipeline without any evidence. Ukrainian soldiers have snatched their territories from Russia. In response, Russia bombarded Ukraine’s infrastructure. Especially, at the centers of energy.

Sevastopol’s governor, Mikhail Rajvozev, said the Russian navy had responded to the Ukrainian attack. This was the biggest attack since the war that started in February. He said that the Russian army shot down all the drones. There is no damage to the infrastructure related to the citizens.

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