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Ukraine Russia Drone: After Armenia, Turkish drone showing amazing in Ukraine, wreaked havoc in Russian army, watch video

Turkey’s Bayraktar TBT-2 drones are once again becoming the era of Russian weapons in the Ukraine war after Armenia’s Nagarno-Karabakh. The Ukrainian military has launched a scathing attack on Russian tanks and armed vehicles with the help of the Bayraktar TBT-2 drone. Ukraine’s Air Force Chief Lieutenant General Maykola Oleshchuk confirmed the attack, calling the Bayraktar drone “life-giving”. Meanwhile, Russia has also claimed that it has shot down several Bayraktar drones.

Ukraine’s embassy has released a video of a massive attack on a Russian military convoy containing more than a dozen military vehicles. Russian combat vehicles were destroyed in this attack. It is being told that this footage is from Malyan, located 60 miles from Kyiv. Ukraine’s air force said another attack took place in Chornobaevka, which is in the southern part of Ukraine. There has been fierce fighting in this area in the last few days.

Turkey handed over Bayraktar TBT 2 drones to Ukraine
The embassy said, ‘There is no rose without thorns. The Russian attackers will be dealt with by the Bayraktar TBT 2 drone. On Saturday, Ukraine’s military released another drone video in which a Russian convoy was destroyed in a drone strike. The Russian army was attacked in this southern city of Kherson. Let us inform that to help Ukraine, NATO member country Turkey has given Bayarkatar TBT 2 drones to Ukraine.

Colonel Yuri Ignati, spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force Command, said before the start of the war, ‘This Turkish drone strikes enemy guns very accurately and also destroys columns of tanks. The Bayerkatar is a very high quality drone that strikes in real time and is a fully automated system. This drone is a weapon that has the power to attack in mere seconds. This drone is spy. This has given Ukraine an edge over its enemy.
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This drone is manufactured by the company of the son-in-law of the President of Turkey
“It will be very difficult for Russian soldiers to deal with this drone,” said a military official who runs Ukraine’s military drone program. He has undergone 3 months training in the year 2019 in Turkey to fly the TBT 2 drone. This Turkish drone is made by the company Bykar Makina, which is run by Selcuk Bayraktar, the favorite son-in-law of Turkish President Tayyip Recep Erdogan. The Ukrainian official said that we have 20 TBT 2 drones now but it is not going to stop here.
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Turkey’s Bayraktar TB2 is lightly armed compared to the American MQ-9. It can be fitted with four laser-guided missiles. Being radio guided, this drone can be operated in a range of 320 km. Biker, the company that made this drone, started manufacturing auto parts in 1984, later it joined the aerospace industry. NATO member Poland said last year that it would buy 24 TB2 drones from Turkey. Turkey claims that many other NATO countries are also in talks to deal with it. The TB2 drone made a mark in the world in early 2020 by showing its power in the skies of Syria.


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