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Ukraine-Russia War: Russia called 3 lakh additional soldiers for the Ukraine war, gave signs of heavy destruction!


Putin announces to prepare and organize troops in view of Ukraine war
Putin called this mobilization a necessary step to protect the motherland, sovereignty and territorial integrity.
He said that the West wants to defeat Russia by any means on the battlefield.

Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday announced a partial mobilization that will now call three million Russian reserve troops to war in Ukraine. According to a news agency Reuters news, Putin said in a video announcing the mobilization that he considers it necessary to take this decision in a situation that is fully appropriate for the threats facing Russia. Putin called it a necessary step to protect the Russian homeland, sovereignty and territorial integrity. He told in Russian language that only reserve forces personnel and those who have previously served in the army would be selected for this mobilization.

‘Russian army fighting enemies on more than 1,000 km border’
The country’s President Vladimir Putin, in his address to the people, told the people that his armed forces were not only confronting neo-Nazi forces, but also operating a range of more than 1,000 km, giving a befitting reply to the entire military machinery of the collective West. are. He further said that NATO is gathering intelligence in the south of Russia. Washington, London and Brussels are directly prompting Kyiv to take military action in our country. They are openly saying that Russia must be defeated on the battlefield by any means.

‘Using state-of-the-art weapons when integrity is attacked’
The Russian leader also signaled directly to NATO and the Western World that he would not hesitate to do nuclear annihilation in the event of an attack on Russia. He said in the video that Russia also has various means of destruction and in some respects they are more modern than NATO countries. When the territorial integrity of Russia is threatened, of course, he will use all means to defend Russia and the people.

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