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US Blackhawk helicopter crashes in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, 3 killed, 5 injured

Black Hawk Chopper: A Black Hawk helicopter crashed on Saturday afternoon during training practice in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital. Three people died and 5 people were injured in this accident. In relation to the incident, the Taliban Defense Ministry issued a statement saying that the American Black Hawk helicopter crashed due to a technical fault on the National Defense University campus.

After capturing Afghanistan on August 15 last year, the Taliban took control of some US-made aircraft. A Black Hawk helicopter has reportedly crashed inside a military training base in Kabul. It was a four-blade, two-engine, medium-lift utility military helicopter. According to media reports, the Black Hawk helicopter was flying very low, within a few seconds it suddenly fell to the ground.

What information did the Inspector General of Afghanistan give
According to information given by the Inspector General of Afghanistan, from 2002 to 2017, the US had given defense equipment worth $ 28 billion to the government of Afghanistan. When Sakkar fell in Afghanistan in August 2021, some helicopters went to neighboring Central Asian countries. At that time many soldiers of the Afghan army boarded these and went to the neighboring country. American forces also destroyed more than 70 aircraft and several dozen armored vehicles. Not only this, the air defense system was also spoiled before leaving the country.

Taliban is controlling many helicopters in Afghanistan
Despite these actions, the Taliban still controlled several helicopters of Afghanistan’s National Security Defense Forces (ANSDF). According to international estimates, Afghanistan is currently facing a serious humanitarian crisis, with more than 23 million people in need of help. Serious human rights violations, especially against women, children and minorities, continue here.

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