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US China Spy Balloon: China told the spy balloon to be a civilian plane, America used to keep an eye on the enemy, today it is making so much noise

Washington: China’s spy balloon has put relations with America at risk. China says the balloon seen over US airspace is a ‘civilian aircraft’ that was used for research and lost its way. China has expressed regret on this. Because of this spy balloon, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has also canceled his visit to China. This spy balloon was spotted in Montana. Blinken was scheduled to visit China next week. Here he was to meet Chinese counterpart Qin Gang. His agenda also included a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. But the spy balloon which is causing so much ruckus today was first started by America.

what is its history
During World War II, Japanese forces tried to drop bombs on the US border with the help of these balloons. One of these balloons fell in the Oregon Woodland. Three civilians were killed in this but no military base was damaged. The US military began gathering information about the use of high-flying spy balloons after World War II.
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To fulfill his objective, he launched Project Genetics. According to official records, photographs of some parts of the Soviet Union were collected in the 1950s under this project. This project was also known as WS-119L. Under this, General Mills had spied on China, Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

516 balloons launched
The balloons used under this project flew higher than any fighter plane. Between January 10 and February 6, 1956, America launched 516 such balloons. Many balloons were either dropped or fell on their own. Spy balloons typically operate at altitudes of 80,000 to 100,000 to 20,000 feet. America has a powerful spy plane like U-2 and it can reach a height of more than 80,000 feet.
China Vs US Spy Balloon: Minuteman missile, nuclear bomb… what China’s spy balloon is looking for in America, tension between the two superpowers
China expressed regret
China said it is looking into reports of spy balloons flying over the US. It said it was law-abiding and had no intention of violating the airspace. China’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday that the balloon suspected by the US of surveillance is of civilian purpose, mainly used for meteorological research. The ministry said in a statement that the wind had limited the operational capability of the balloon and it had “deviated far from its planned route”. It said China regrets the unintended entry of its balloon into US airspace.
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Balloon at the site of missile testing
Earlier, China said it was investigating reports of its balloon flying in US airspace. Appealing for calm on the issue, he had said that he had ‘no intention to violate the jurisdiction and airspace of any sovereign country’. A senior US defense official told reporters that Washington was “highly confident” it was a Chinese high-altitude balloon flying over sensitive areas to gather information. The official said places where the balloons were seen included Montana, home to the country’s three nuclear missile launch sites.

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