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US mid-term elections: People do not want to see Biden’s second term, exit polls reveal

Exit Poll On US Mid Term Election: America (US) has voted for the mid-term election on Tuesday. According to research, American voters have paid more attention to the issue of inflation and abortion at the time of voting. Along with this, increasing crime, immigration and gun policies in the country also became a cause of major concern for the voters. At the same time, it has also been revealed from exit polls that Americans are not happy with Biden’s tenure and they do not want to see him as president next time.

According to Edison Research, six out of 10 voters were “dissatisfied or angry” about the US Supreme Court’s decision on abortion. About the same percentage said that abortion should be legal. At the same time, nearly three out of 10 voters said that inflation and abortion were their top concerns. Nearly one in 10 voters said crime, immigration and gun policy were their major concerns.

‘In danger American Democracy,

According to Edison’s exit poll, seven in 10 voters said American democracy is in danger, while seven in 10 do not want to see a second term for President Joe Biden. It is clear from the exit polls that the anti-American wave against President Biden is increasing rapidly.

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Why is mid-term elections important?

The midterm elections are of great importance in the US, as the winner will dominate the 435-seat US House of Representatives and 35 vacant US Senate seats. The Republican Party has slammed the Biden administration over rising prices and crime. According to the American Election Project, approximately 43 million Americans cast their ballots in person or via the mail. Experts estimate that it may take a week or more for the results to be declared for all the seats.

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