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US mid-term elections: Republican Party gets majority in the House of Representatives, Biden congratulates

US Midterm Elections: The Republican Party of America has gained control of the Representative House by securing a narrow majority in the US Midterm Election. According to US media reports, Republican Mike Garcia won California’s 27th Congressional District on Wednesday, after which the GOP’s total seats increased to 218 and he achieved the required majority limit.

Kevin McCarthy may become house speaker

According to Aljazeera’s report, Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is likely to become House Speaker. He will replace Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who has held the gavel since 2019. Although the red wave that the Republicans were expecting did not appear, but still they were able to get the majority.

Won 218 out of 435 seats

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NBC and CNN projected a win for Republicans with at least 218 seats in the 435-member House of Representatives. It came a week after millions of Americans voted in the midterm elections, which typically deliver party disapproval in the White House.

‘The era of Democrat rule is over’

Top House Republican Kevin McCarthy expressed happiness over his party’s victory. “The era of one-party Democrat rule is over,” he said. Draz is a member of the Freedom Caucus.

Biden congratulated the Republican Party

Democrat Party leader and US President Joe Biden congratulated the Republican Party for its victory. “I congratulate Leader (Kevin) McCarthy, the Republican on winning the House majority. I look forward to working with House Republicans,” Biden said in a press release on Wednesday. Biden further said that America’s future is too promising to get caught in a political war and the American people want the government to work for them.

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