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US Pakistan Relation: Our direct connection with Taliban, no middleman like Pakistan needed… America’s bluntly

Islamabad: Pakistan’s plan to extort money from the world by showing the fear of Taliban has been foiled. The Biden administration has bluntly said that it does not need Pakistan’s mediation to negotiate with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Not only this, America also said that we do not even need Pakistani airspace to carry out the mission in Afghanistan. This statement of America is being described as a big setback for Pakistan. Since the 90s, Pakistan has been making money by showing the fear of Taliban to all western countries including America. This is the same Pakistan, which helped Pakistan to drive out the Soviet army from Afghanistan and made a lot of money. When the US-created Taliban became a threat to it, Pakistan received huge military aid from the US until 2008, selling the same fear.

We don’t need Pakistani mediation
US Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West said the US does not need Pakistan or any other country to improve its ties with the Afghan Taliban. “To be honest, I don’t think we need a third country to facilitate our engagement with the Taliban,” West said. I am in regular touch with Taliban. I have other colleagues in the US government who are also involved. I think the dialogue should be direct. I don’t think we need any third country.

America doesn’t even need Pakistani airspace
In an interview with Voice of America’s Urdu broadcasting service, West also dismissed suggestions that the United States needed Pakistani airspace to reach Afghanistan. He said, “We need to continue with diplomacy to ensure that the Taliban fulfill their commitments against terrorism. Uphold the rights of Afghans which the current government is unable to fulfill. I think we must ensure that.” What needs to be done is that terrorism does not spread to other countries that share borders with Afghanistan and share the same language, cultures and traditions.

America said – we have the ability to protect our people
West was asked whether the US needed access to Afghanistan through Pakistan. On this he said that we do not need it now. We left Afghanistan completely in August 2021. After that we have reorganized our capabilities. We want to make sure that terrorists never threaten America or our allies again. He said the US drone strike that killed al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in Kabul earlier this year has made it clear that we have the ability to protect Americans.



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