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US President Joe Biden is going to take these steps to reduce the influence of China

White House Pacific Summit: US President Joe Biden is going to host the leaders of the Pacific Islands next month i.e. in September. He will host this in the White House. A senior US diplomat has given this information on Saturday. He said that this step is being taken to counter the growing Chinese influence.

Deputy Secretary Wendy Schreiman said in a report quoted by the South China Morning Post that Pacific leaders would be invited to an important meeting and dinner at the end of September. He said, “This meeting will be a historic occasion for the United States of America and the countries of the Pacific Island, in which there is a possibility of good dialogue between the two.”

Will work in Pacific Island under the mission

America has announced that it is now going to work in this area under a mission. It has also been seen that in recent months, America has been inclined towards the Pacific countries. Recently, Vice President Kamala Harris made a historic address at the Pacific Islands Forum and was visited by Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Kamala Harris’s important statement

Apart from this, Shameen will take part in many events in the Solomon Islands. Kamala Harris had also said that America is proud to be a Pacific country and its commitment to the islands of the Pacific Ocean will be forever. So right there, in the month of April, China signed an undisclosed security agreement with an island nation. After this agreement, critics fear that China may increase military power in the South Pacific Ocean.

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