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US promises to give one billion dollars worth of rockets, drones and weapons to Ukraine

US Helps Ukraine: The US on Monday announced new weapons assistance of one billion dollars for Ukraine in the ongoing war between Russia-Ukraine War. US officials claim that this will be the largest single consignment of weapons and equipment to Ukraine since the start of the war. This support material will include ship destroyer missile launchers, howitzers and other armament materials.

Acting Pentagon spokesman Todd Bressel said on Monday that the United States would provide $1 billion in security aid for Ukraine. It is the largest package to use the President’s drawdown authority, which includes weapons for long-range weapons and armored medical transport vehicles.

US gave many defense equipment in aid
The United States has added about $8.8 billion in aid to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion on February 24. This includes HIMARS, the NASAMS surface-to-air missile system ammunition and 50 M113 armored medical transports.

$270 million package announced
Earlier in the last month also, the White House had announced an additional $270 million package as security assistance (Help) to US Ukraine. In this package, it was said to provide additional medium-range rocket systems and drones. Since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, the US has given Ukraine security assistance of 80 billion 200 million dollars. In May, the US Parliament approved $40 billion in economic and security aid for Ukraine.

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