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US Sanctions on Russia: US rages on merger of Ukrainian territories with Russia, imposes sanctions on more than 1000 people and companies

Washington: President Vladimir Putin signed treaties to annex the occupied territories of Ukraine into Russia in defiance of international law. In protest, the US on Friday imposed sanctions on more than 1,000 people and companies linked to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including the families of its central bank governor and members of the National Security Council. The Ministry of Finance has placed hundreds of members of Russia’s legislature, prominent figures of the country’s economic and military establishment and suppliers on the sanctions list. The Commerce Department has included 57 companies in the list of export control violators, while the State Department has added 900 people to the visa ban list.

America said – Russia occupied Ukrainian territory by fraud
Finance Minister Janet Yellen said: “We will not stand with Putin because he is fraudulently trying to take over parts of Ukraine.” He said the Treasury Ministry and the US government are taking massive action today to further weaken Russia’s already deteriorating military industrial complex and its ability to wage illegal warfare.

Putin annexed four Ukrainian territories to Russia
Putin today signed an official document on the annexation of Ukrainian territory to Russia. He urged Ukraine to sit down for peace talks but cautioned that he would not discuss the return of Ukrainian territories that had been included in Russia. With this, the fear of intensification of the ongoing war between the two countries for seven months has increased. Kyiv and the West have rejected Russian occupation of land in Ukraine. The 27 EU member states said they would never recognize an illegal referendum organized by Russia as an excuse to further violate Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.



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