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US, South Korea will show real power to Kim Jong, preparing to fly supersonic bomber in maneuvers

Seoul: The US will show its might to North Korea by flying a supersonic bomber aircraft in a joint air exercise with South Korea. The United States is conducting a joint air exercise involving hundreds of fighter jets amid escalating tensions in the region following North Korea’s test of a ballistic missile this week. South Korea’s Defense Ministry said at least one B-1B bomber would be involved on Saturday, the final day of joint US-South Korea joint air force exercises.

South Korean and US military officials, however, did not give further details in this regard. About 240 fighter aircraft including advanced F-35 fighter aircraft of both the countries are involved in the “Vigilant Storm” exercise. North Korea this week tested several missiles, including an intercontinental ballistic missile. North Korea’s foreign ministry described those military actions late Friday as an appropriate response to a ‘vigilant storm’. The ministry has described the “vigilant storm” as a display of American “military confrontation frenzy”.
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Enhanced maneuvers in response to North Korea
The ministry said North Korea will “strongly respond” to any attempt by “hostile forces” to violate its sovereignty or security interests. The ‘Vigilant Storm’ was supposed to end on Friday, but the allies decided to extend the deadline until Saturday in response to North Korea’s ballistic missile tests on Thursday.
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America deployed four bombers
Tension continues to rise in the Korean peninsula. The B-1B flyover is a familiar display of a force during tensions with North Korea. According to South Korean news agency Yonhap, the US has placed four bombers in Guam since late October. South Korea has asked the United States to intensify the deployment of strategically important weapons, including aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines and long-range bombers such as the B-1B.



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