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Victoria Ruffo talks about being the First Lady of Mexico: “I always see myself as the president” | VIDEO – Latest US News Hub

After the former governor of the state of Hidalgo, omar fayadhusband Victoria Ruffowill be revealed as a candidate to reach the presidency in 2024.

Her statements provoked questions to the actress about what she thinks of being “the new Gaviota” and becoming first lady, just as her colleague, Angélica Rivera, did with Enrique Peña Nieto, so in this note we tell you everything what he said about it .

Ruffo was approached by the media during her arrival on the red carpet of “La Clase”, which is a new staging in which her son participates. Jose Eduardo Derbez and during that meeting, The actress of “Corona de Lágrimas” was directly questioned about the possibility of becoming first lady in the future and although at first she joked calling herself “Mrs. President”then pointed out that the only thing that matters to her is supporting her husband, for which she asserted that she will be with him at all times.

“As the president… I always see myself with my husband (Omar Fayad), wherever he is, however he is, always by his side” These were the words of Victoria Ruffo, who avoided naming Angélica Rivera so as not to enter into controversy.

It should be remembered that, a few days ago, Omar Fayad granted an interview to the journalist Azucena Uresti and during the talk the former governor said he had everything necessary to put the PRI in order from the leadership, in addition, He said that he will go with everything to enter the race to run for the presidency of the Mexican Republic.

“I told the leadership very clearly: I’m going to mess with everything because I’m going to become the next leader of the national PRI and you’ll see. In addition, I told them that I will also have to sign up as a candidate for the presidency”


It is worth mentioning that Omar Fayad was also present on the red carpet of “La Clase”, however, He avoided talking about politics, however, they asked him if he knew anything about the state of health of Eugenio Derbez, who was a former partner of Victoria RuffoHowever, he denied knowing how he is currently, although he explained that he wished him a speedy recovery through José Eduardo Derbez.

“I did it through José Eduardo, we hope he is fine, that he recovers soon, José Eduardo has been on the lookout, he told me, the truth is we wish him the best, that he recovers”

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Victoria Ruffo talks about being the First Lady of Mexico: “I always see myself as the president” | VIDEO



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