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VIDEO: American threatens immigrant with ‘throwing the migra’ – Latest US News Hub

A taco stand was vandalized by an American from Los Angeles, California.

Photo: LUIS ACOSTA / Getty Images

A US citizen verbally assaulted a Mexican immigrant because, according to him, his taco stand was obstructing an area he regularly frequents; The aggressor’s anger reached such a degree that he threatened to send the Mexican to la migra.

“Fuck you, we’ve been here nine years. Let’s bring la migra here. Let’s get ICE here!” the elderly assailant yelled at the immigrant while giving him an obscene finger signal.

The people who were in the place tried several times to calm the angry American who did not stop offending the taco vendor.

,Do you have a business license from the health department? No, you don’t, right?” questioned the immigrant who did not prefer not to respond to the attacks.

As the minutes progressed, the aggressor became more furious, he even approached the business and caused damage to the taco stand, which the owner said was $300.

Despite the scandal that arose in the place, the police did not arrive and the immigrant had only to pick up his products from the apartment and go home.

This is not the first time that an immigrant is victim of xenophobia, Months ago an African-American woman vandalized a Mexican immigrant’s taco stand.

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VIDEO: American threatens immigrant with ‘throwing the migra’



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