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VIDEO: Scuffle broke out in the Parliament of Senegal, female MP slapped, chairs thrown

Senegal. There is a lot of talk about the uproar in the parliament of West African country Senegal, where after slapping a female MP, the matter increased so much that the country’s parliament building turned into a war arena for a while. In fact, in the midst of the uproar during the budget session, Masta Samb, who is also the MP of the opposition, approached Amy Diae Nibi, a woman MP of the ruling party BBY and slapped her. The video of this incident also became very viral on social media, after which it started being discussed all around.

Before another MP stopped Nibi from proceeding further, she hurled a chair at Samb, hitting back. After this incident between two MPs, other MPs also got into a scuffle with each other, during which there was a lot of uproar in the Parliament. The session was suspended soon after the incident of assault, allegations and insults between the MPs.

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